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March 4, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: alright

2 mi WU Veale to Coventry
5*(4:00 tempo pace, 4:00 jog; except no 5th recovery jog) - to Warr. Center, back SP Lee NP, turned left on Coventry for a little of last interval
2 mi CD back to Veale

w/ Grese & Robert whole time, and Nick, Paul, Chris for first two. felt tired so its a good thing today wasn't a killer workout. team meeting afterwards

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
9.5 Miles 1:06:30
2.0 Miles 15:00 7:29 / Mile Warmup Supernova
5.5 Miles 36:00 6:32 / Mile Fartlek Supernova
2.0 Miles 15:30 7:44 / Mile Cooldown Supernova