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USAF Marathon

September 15, 2012 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

My goal for this race was 2:45, but I said I would be content if the time was under about 2:50. Finishing time was 2:56 exactly. So slower than I hoped for, but thinking back to my training, it is what I should have expected.

I drilled into my head that I would not go out too fast and kill a potentially good race. My first mile was 7:00 so I did that for sure. At mile 8 my legs were feeling very slightly heavy, but it was difficult to tell. Around mile 11 I started to really feel that it wasn't my day. I had a nice group of runners around me that were shooting for sub-2:50, but I was already feeling the pace and just couldn't hang with them. The half time was 1:24:02 so I was already behind pace then. Thoughts of dropping out or walking crept into my head, but I stayed mentally strong and kept pushing myself through the aches. I was actually very pleased with how I held up mentally. I've mentioned this in my logs before, but dropping out of the Baltimore marathon may have been one of my best running experiences (practically) because I learned just how disappointing dropping out of a race feels.

I was on pace for under 2:50 or 2:50-low until about mile 19 or 20. Between mile 20-finish I really slowed down, consistenly dropping over 7 minute miles.

I learned several things about training for marathons through this race that I need to remember going forward. I need to be more disciplined with long runs if I want to run 2:45. I ran a 17, 16, and a bunch of 12s, and not even every week. My legs were getting tired so early because they were not used to going far at a marathon race pace. I also need to do semi long runs (9-12 milers) right at or slightly slower than race pace. I think this will make race day less of a shock pace and distance wise. I have to be better at forcing myself out the door to run 2+ hours by myself!

Next stop is the Pittsburgh marathon in May. Will probably take 1 week off and then run a few local 5Ks before starting to build for another marathon.

Every 5 miles splits: 32:19 (6:27), 31:50 (6:22), 1:24:02(half)(6:25), 32:21 (6:28), 33:48 (6:46), 36:09 (7:14), 2:56:00 (full)(6:43)

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
26.2 Miles 2:56:00 6:43 / Mile Race Adidas Bostons