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Long Progression

January 20, 2013 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Ran a progression workout for the long run today. Ran to the RPAC using an indirect route, ran 9 there, and ran back. Breakdown of pick-ups was 6.25/5.5/4.25. It was supposed to be 6/5.5/4.5, but I didn't map this before so I overestimated the length to the RPAC and underestimated the mileage home.

Felt really good except for the last mile. I partially blame the cold weather for that because I was having minor breathing trouble. Still nothing but positive things to take from this workout.

4.75 (Outside)/9 (RPAC)/2.25 (Outside)
6.25 (6:54)/5.5 (7:02)/4.25 (6:24)

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
16.0 Miles 1:49:05 6:49 / Mile   Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Red