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July 13, 2010 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: sunny, not too hot, windy

yesterday my legs felt really crappy and tired, so i took another day off, kinda scared it may be overtraining. probably should have stretched on sunday to loosen it up. today's was equally bad, made it most of the way up and felt decent, but had to stop because i'm still too weak. it's pretty pathetic. maybe one day i'll be able to run again, kinda demoralizing right now though. had to poop really badly the whole way back, so it was pretty much useless.

table rock. don't know why i thought i could do this if i couldn't do rambo, but it's a nice view and i needed some thinking time, so it was good in that respect i suppose.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
4.0 Miles   Mizuno Wave Rider 12 Sparkles