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inter-regional rumble

October 16, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 55 nice

WU Oberlin's course backwards
Inter-Regional Rumble, hopefully update w/ splits later
CD parts with EthanT, Tim, CKell watching the other races. good stretch, abs.

this was just a blah race for me personally, and maybe as a team too. 10 second PR from All-Ohio on supposedly a quicker course. never closed on Chris in miles 3-4.5, though I had a decent last half mile kicking down Oberlin's #2 Ben Schild, but who cares about Oberlin when we get beat by Albion and Wabash. Seriously, where the FUCK is ALBION? Apparently in our region which is all that matters.

Calvin looks strong but that second auto-bid could have Albion, Wabash, Case, or Oberlin written on it. We have 2 weeks for a tune-up race, but in 4 weeks we better race a lot better than today. I better race a lot better than today.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
13.0 Miles 1:25:24
2.03 Miles 14:30 7:08 / Mile Warmup 2Summon 2
8.0 Kilometers 25:54 5:12 / Mile Race Dirtdogs
6.0 Miles 45:00 7:30 / Mile Cooldown 2Summon 2