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track workout

March 9, 2011 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 40s rainy outside, and indoor track

WU outside to Veale
given workout-- 2*:80 hard, 1:00rep rest 4:00 set rest; 6*2:30 tempo, 1:30rep rest 4:00 set rest; 2*:80 hard, 1:00rep rest.
I did 2*500m hard, 6*800m tempo, 2*450m hard. splits - 80.9, 83.1, 2:35.8, 2:33.4, 2:33.7, 2:31.4, 2:33.6, 2:34.5, 82.0, 80.9.
CD 1mile indoor, back to Phi Tau.

I wanted to run the 500's in :80 because that's the given workout was, but after the fact I realized that :80 500m is probably my 1200 pace of 3:12. Anyways, those first 2 500s left my legs torched for the tempo 800s. I was shooting for just sub 2:40 because 5:20 is tempo pace, but I fell into a low 2:30s rhythm. It was a painful rhythm because of the 500s, but nonetheless it was a rhythm. Then I just shot for 450meters for the last 2*:80. I jogged a 400m during the two 4:00rest but otherwise I took passive rests. Barnes was at the indoor track with Hannah and Madison.

Like yesterday, I just gritted my teeth and gutted it out.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
9.2 Miles 1:00:37
3.0 Miles 22:30 7:30 / Mile Warmup 3Summon 2
6.7 Kilometers 20:50 5:00 / Mile Interval  
0.8 Kilometers 5:00 10:03 / Mile Recovery  
1.54 Miles 12:17 7:58 / Mile Cooldown 1Summon 2