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Bicentennial challenge: Run 6

July 1, 2011 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 80 warm

10:15a alone, didn't take a watch but glanced at the clock when I left and when I came back. slower than previous runs, oh well.

since this is the first run this week I've done completely alone, I had a lot of time to think, so I started thinking about why I'm doing this in the last 1/3rd of the run when I started feeling not too good. I'm not quitting because I need two hands to count all the times I've failed myself or my team just this past year. XC UAA, XC regionals, Obelisk, indoor all-ohio, indoor UAA, Marv Frye, outdoor UAA. I'm not fucking quitting this.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
12.9 Miles 1:35:00 7:21 / Mile Easy T6