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July 18, 2011 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Other

After the women's world cup final yesterday, I was about ready to put on my shoes and head out the door w/ CWade for his 7mile run. But when I was putting on my shoes, I still felt my right hip, so I decided to hold off. I won't be in shape for Sudeck or Alumni, at least not in shape to challenge for a win. I'm also debating pushing back my running plan of Akron Half late september and Columbus Full early october because I don't feel like I'll be ready for a fast debut marathon. Maybe I'll follow Grogan and do the Pittsburgh Great Race 10k late september then Columbus Half early october. That way I can debut (and challenge for the win?) at the Cleveland Marathon which would be fitting.

I've been kind of depressed the past few days, and can't wait to get back to running responsibly and not with a 100 then 60 mile week.