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The 2009 Montgomery Invititational

January 10, 2009 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: indoors

pretty happy cause i had a solid day, some guys dropped out of the 2 mile so it was wide open (except for thomas porter), i was 8th overall, wanted to get down around 9:45 today but going out really fast sorta scratched that idea, went out exactly as planned though going 35, 71, 2:24, felt strong coming through the mile in 4:48-49 and was all ready to keep rolling but a lap later i started to pay for getting so psyched early on, started hurting pretty bad over the next mile and kept looking back or up at the clock which i've got to work on, saw 8:42 with 400 to go so i needed a 68 to hit 9:50 but still closed in 72 so not bad, last lap was a 34 so i definitely had something left and probably should have caught and beaten escobar cause i closed on him a lot in the last 600m or so, second mile was 5:06 and maybe if i had gone out slightly slower i could have closed a lot harder but it's all good, met this goal for indoor which is sweet, the mile on the dmr wasn't quite so hot, didn't hear any splits and got a cramp after 400m, just could not open my stride or move fast at all cause i was so beat from the deuce, roughed up sam martin from rm a little bit at the beginning for no real reason just being aggressive and then he passed me after one lap, got passed by andrew and bernstein as well but hung on to 4th in like 11:23, not great especially since everyone else on the really ran well but i was just fried so not too disappointed, good day overall

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.55 Miles 14:53
1.5 Miles Warmup AdReNaLiNe ates
2.0 Miles 9:54 4:56 / Mile Race nike zoom matumbo
1.25 Miles Recovery AdReNaLiNe ates
1.0 Miles 4:59 4:59 / Mile Race nike zoom miler track
0.8 Miles Cooldown AdReNaLiNe ates