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October 31, 2011 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 50 nice, cold hands

alone, out NP/Shelburne, crossed Fairmount for a lasso around Halcyon and came back. found a (elementary?) school on Penhurst, saw a bunch of trick-or-treaters near the end of my run, saw the Vaughns on their bikes and yelled at Leanne "Want some candy, little girl." preoccupied for the last 20 minutes with having to poop.

this run was a blessing, and just what I needed with my current relationship problems. I vowed that I am straightening my life out, and I honestly feel like God blessed me with a much more pain-free run. God answers the prayers of the faithful. More importantly, God answers the prayers of the repentant. And moreso, He knows I needed some help, and sent it to me in the form of this AWESOME run. This one is for Him.

Over a month ago, I would have classified my hip as "pain." More recently, I considered it downgraded to "discomfort." Now, it just feels slightly "off balance" or "asymmetrical with my other hip," but nowhere near painful. Let's see if it holds up.

Weighed myself at 149.0 lbs, the first time under 150 in FOREVER. Awesome!

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
13.3 Miles 1:27:48 6:36 / Mile Easy Defyance 5