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Fat-Bottomed Girls

February 11, 2009 (Night)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: about 60 but cooling down fast with heavy winds and rain

3 mi around the track doing kiiiind of a farlek, with one sort of sprint or stride each lap: most were 150m, but i think i did 3 200's and the last one was a build-up 300. i just wanted to convince my legs that they could turn over quickly with out dying.
1 mi cool-down also on the track.
the weather made this work out. it was pretty calm until about 30 seconds after i got out the door, then it was absolutely nuts for like 8 minutes, and then it calmed down a little, but was still pretty intense. happily, the wind decided to be at my back for most of my faster intervals, which made me feel like i was just in auto-pilot. hopefully it tricked my body into a false sense of fitness :)
also, i would like to give a shout-out to my ipod for not dying in the rain. pretty incredible.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
4.0 Miles 0:00
3.0 Miles Fartlek Brooks Adrenaline Blue
1.0 Miles Cooldown Brooks Adrenaline Blue