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April 13, 2012 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Weights

Workout 2B:

Circuit 1 (x3):
lateral band walks x20
body weight squat w/ knee press-out x20
lateral slide x12
single-arm step-up and press x12
swiss ball pike x15
barbell slide-out x15 (did swiss ball slide out instead bc the swiss ball pike kicked my abs so hard)

Circuit 2 (x3):
reverse dumbbell lunge x20
dumbbell side lunge x20
dumbbell row x15
t push-up x10
elevated feet russian twist x15

Circuit 3 (x3):
swiss ball L-raise x12
twisting standing dumbbell curl x15
lying dumbbell triceps extension x12
half-kneeling rotational reverse chop x15