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cougar relays, raining on our parade

March 28, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: drizzly and too cold

1200 leg on the dmr, sat around all day just chilling and felt decent before the race not tired or anything, the warmup was too early cause of a poorly run meet and standing around in the cold rain for at least 20 min before running didn't help either, went out as planned just tucked in right behind sean king and carl dennis for the first 500 then took the lead and didn't push it enough, bounced around between the lead and 2nd and 3rd for a while before kicking hard in the last 100 to pass carl and a calvert hall guy (chris swisko) but about 2 secs behind king, didn't hear any splits but found out later that i went 64, 2:15 (70), 3:20 (65), really had a lot more than i ran like and should've just gone balls out when i took the lead and tried to break the field, whatever, gotta get back into it, teamwise wasn't spectacular either with 10:56 for 3rd overall and way off the penn qualifying time, shoes got dirty as shit too

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.6 Miles 3:20
3.7 Miles Warmup old school adrenaline 8 gts narrow
0.8 Miles 3:20 4:09 / Mile Race nike zoom miler track White 'n Red
2.1 Miles Cooldown old school adrenaline 8 gts narrow