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Tiger Mountain Training Hike

April 5, 2009 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Other

Weather: Mid 60's and sunny (colder at top)

Cable line trail, 52 pound pack.

I moved my Superfeet insoles to my hiking boots to try to combat the numbness that I've been experiencing. I got a tingle of numbness about halfway up. I stopped for a minute to let the blood start flowing again and that was it. No more problems.

I focused on my form a bit on the hike. Smaller steps, keeping my hands below my heart, using my whole foot instead of my toes, etc. Result was that it took longer but I used less energy. Probably acceptable for climbing Rainier.

On the way down, I jogged most of it once I got out of the snow.

1490 calories burned, according to my HRM.

Distance Duration Pace HR Avg HR Max Interval Type Shoes
0.0 Miles 2:01:35
1:27:59 136 151    
33:36 124 179   Saucony Grid Hurricanes (Blue)