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I have to move to the Village... today...?

May 17, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 45 + windy = A- racing weather

5:53, 11:54 (6:01), 17:48 (5:54), 23:32 (5:44), 29:18 (5:45), 35:15 (5:57), 10k - 36:29, 41:00 (5:45), 52:56 (11:55, missed a split), 58:45 (5:48), 65:10 (6:26), 71:30 (6:19), 77:30 (6:00).

Race starts @ 7:00am. So Robert and I are standing in line for the porta-pots starting at 6:30. He aborts around 6:55, but I knew if I started the race, I would have to duck out a mile in for a pit-stop, and because we have chips, I wasn't too worried about it. So I hit the starting line 2 minutes behind the gun, swam my way through people for the first 2 miles, then it evened out enough that I'm not impeded, but I'm passing people until 10 miles in (coincidentally, also the same time the wheels come off, as seen by the splits).

Meanwhile, I'm hauling ass until about 4ish miles trying to catch Robert when I see Brett and Vaughn and they yell that he's actually behind me. There went the idea of running together, oh well. Never saw him the whole race, even though we ran equivalent times after he subtracts his pit stop times.

I was clipping off miles pretty well through 10 miles, but then my body remembered it's out of shape. Finished ok, though. Didn't help that miles 11 & 12 were on Route 2 coming back east into downtown - uphill and windy as hell off the lake.

So the gun time says 79:29, which is fine, but the chip time does to, which has to be wrong because I'm certain I passed the Mile 1 mark 2:00 minutes behind. So I'm going with my watch. *1:29 course PR from last year, though about 1:50 slower than 2008 Fall Classic. I would have considered breaking 80:00 a success, so good day.

Great job Robert, Kristen, Leanne, Dudas, Coach J, Spencer.

07/01/09 EDIT: Received an email from the race director saying that the top 10 places are awarded by gun time and not chip time, so that the winners are decided by who crosses the finish line first, not who has the fastest time. I guess that's legit so people up front know who they're racing against. He said my chip time was 1:56 faster than the gun time.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
13.1 Miles 1:17:33 5:55 / Mile Race Piranha