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Tuesday Long Run

April 16, 2013 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

This was my best long training run ever. I intended on doing a thirds progression run, and I did exactly that, but faster than expected. The first third felt like jogging, then I picked it up very slightly and I could tell I was moving a bit quicker. Once I got back to the house (after 12) I threw on my Bostons as quick as possible and picked it up even more. I had no idea I was sub-6 pace though!

The pace for the whole thing is around 6:24, which is my Toledo pace (marathon PR). That is so exciting because it was only a workout. I learned so much from this workout. I have to be super patient, and I can afford to do so through 12 or 13 miles. If I can throw in 8-10 miles at sub-6 in the second half, I will be under 2:45. I can do this.

There are a number of factors I have to keep in mind when looking at this time, which both temper my enthusiasm and make me even more excited. The fact that this was in C-bus means that the hills were significantly fewer and farther between. The Pittsburgh course will be much harder. Also, there would still be 8 miles to run. Finally, there was no pressure on me during this run.

On the other hand, I was not in race mode, and I really slogged the first 6. In a race, I would pick it up slightly at the beginning and it would probably feel just as easy. I would also have an adrenaline rush during the race that would help. The weather also did not help this time. It was pouring for 6-7 miles in the middle. For about 9 miles I ran in very heavy clothes.

All in all an encouraging final long-long run before the big day. So pumped!

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
18.25 Miles 1:56:53
6.0 Miles 40:26 6:44 / Mile   Mizuno Wave Rider 15 White
6.0 Miles 39:52 6:38 / Mile   Mizuno Wave Rider 15 White
6.25 Miles 36:35 5:51 / Mile   Adidas Bostons