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Mill Race Marathon

September 28, 2013 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Very disappointing race today, as I expected to be 20 minutes faster. There was a lot that went wrong today, most of it my fault.

The only thing that was not my fault was the weather. It was sunny starting around mile 5 and was 5-10 degrees warmer than I hoped. Still didn't affect me too much.

Around mile 2, I could feel that my calf was really tight. This was the first sign of tired legs. They just weren't used to going that fast and that far. Not enough long runs. I hadn't done an 18 miler in 6-8 weeks, and the only distances of note were two 12 mi. runs. Honestly, since getting Kaz I just haven't gotten out the door for long runs.

Later in the race, the outside of my right leg tightened up and I had to stretch it out to get it right. Probably from not being used to running that far.

Finally, I psyched myself out for this race. I knew my preparation was inadequate and that I was in better 5k shape than marathon shape. Before I even ran a step in this race, I had already resigned myself to a slower time.

So going forward there are a couple things I need to do so that I am ready for January 11 in Jackson, MS. Most importantly I need to get long runs in. This will not be as hard as it has been for me recently. I am getting used to taking care of a dog and know better when I can get out the door for 2+ hours. The other thing I need to do is continue to improve at being mentally tough. It is easier to be with adequate training, but there is no excuse to take my mind out of a race before the gun even goes out.

I plan to run some 5ks in the next few months to try to drop time down into the mid-16s, but I will still be training for longer distances. Short memory, and on to the next race.

1:25:xx (13.1); 3:10:33 (26.2)

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
26.2 Miles 3:10:33 7:16 / Mile   Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Black