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speed dev: track work

November 16, 2013 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 60 unseasonally awesome

Noon w/ Grog; WU to Lakewood HS track, drills
3*300 @ 1200 pace goal ~:48, 3*200 @ 800 pace 29.x, 3*100 @ fast; full recovery on everything
splits - 48.8, 48.2, 47.0; 29.3, 29.5, 29.3; 13.1, 13.1, 12.9
CD to Phelps

Started at the 300m hurdles start for the 300s, the 200m start for the 200s, and the back stretch for the 100s. Therefore, with the wind on the back stretch, and against the wind on the front stretch. This fact made the wind average out on the 300s, and against the wind for the 200s which is pleasing to have those still under :30 seconds. In general, I need to focus on driving my knees more. Then did the 100s with the wind and flying start to focus on turnover as opposed to generating power. Thanks Grogan for accompanying for all but the 100s! Barely missed mileage but still good week!

When I grow up, I want to be David Dixon.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.12 Miles 39:57
2.5 Miles 17:30 7:00 / Mile Warmup 2 Hagio 9/25/13
1.8 Kilometers 4:32 4:03 / Mile Speed 2 Hagio 9/25/13
2.5 Miles 17:55 7:10 / Mile Cooldown 2 Hagio 9/25/13