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my legs are filled with dookie

June 25, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: overcast, nice. didn't realize how humid it was until i finished

ankle hurt pretty bad to start today, got a little better as the run went along, in the cemetery was pretty awful at first, i'm pretty sure i was well over 7 pace, but i guess some days that's what "easy" feels like. was planning on working the uphills a little today, but that didn't really work out too well 'cause my quads still ache, i'm going to bike back from work reeeaaaaly easy today and see what becomes of that. got a little lost on the second loop around because i was looking for the hill we did repeats on, but it turned out i was nowhere near it, but it worked out because i thought my watch said 51 when it really said 31, wishful thinking i guess.

cedar, overlook, edgehill, 119 (or whatever that road is) euclid, 2 laps around cemetery, mayfield, coventry, euclid heights, cedar, grandview, cecil, home. guessing on distance because i don't feel like trying to figure out the mapping of the cemetery.

a bunch of stuff for the ankle in the trainers after, and then lifting and then ups

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
8.0 Miles 55:30 6:56 / Mile   Brooks Glycerin 6