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midsummer night's mile

July 10, 2009 (Night)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: pretty much perfect

long warmup and cooldown with russell and a tiny bit with the girls, felt kinda nervous going into it and nearly got myself in one of the slower heats, there were about 10 guys in the fast heat (sub 4:50) and i went out in 4th for the first lap in 67-68ish, came through the half right around 2:16 so another 68 and the rabbit dropped out so i was in 3rd, got passed by a couple with like 650m to go and surged at 600m before slowing again at 500m to go, through 1200 at like 3:25-6 i think (so a 69 or 70), big surge with 300m to go got me close to russell but passed by a few old guys at the same time, passed them back on the outside with 200m to go but got repassed by a couple in the final 50m when i tied up, kick felt decent even though the lap was slow (73ish for a 4:39), finished in 8th place, pretty pleased cause i just wanted to get under 4:40, no speedwork this summer so just off pure base mileage it's what i was looking for, full mile time so it converts to about 4:37 1600.....which is where i was at the end of track.....i think mileage is the key with a little speedwork thrown in

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.5 Miles 4:39
2.5 Miles Warmup 8 gts adrenalines new
1.0 Miles 4:39 4:39 / Mile Race nike zoom miler track
3.0 Miles Cooldown 8 gts adrenalines new