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First real workout of the summer

June 30, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: rainy and windy

even though it was the kind of weather i hate, i still enjoyed the run, and it was a good workout. did a 5x3min fartlek and it felt really good and smooth, had to fight the wind on the way out and got pushed quite a bit faster on the way back. ankle was fine for the most part, just a little tender, but enough that i decided to hit up mlk instead of risking anything on the trails. pretty pleased overall with how my first workout in a long while went, i was relaxed the whole time, based on the mile markers i was guessing around 5:25ish for the ons and 6:15ish for the offs. ran about 5.1 in 30min, so 5:53 average pace, but none of that really matters yet, it was a good workout and got the job done. the cooldown back up the hill kind of sucked, but i wasn't all that tired, and my heart rate wasn't too high.

cedar, mlk, then the fartlek out and back on mlk, cooldown back to house.

rode down and did ankle stuff and lifted, rode back

Distance Duration Pace HR Avg HR Max Interval Type Shoes
8.5 Miles 53:30 6:17 / Mile 164   Brooks Radius 7