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shaping up

July 2, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Other

Weather: inside

cross training today, went pretty well, i actually felt like i got something out of it, plus i got to dick around with a heart rate monitor( but i would still much rather be running). on a good note though, there was no pain at all after finishing the workout which i'm sure is more than i could have said had i gone for a run. also fixed my computer without losing everything which is another good thing; after all the follies of yesterday i was assuming i'd be dying sometime on the trip this weekend, but maybe i'll make it out at least mostly alive.

bike: 5min w/u, 10x90sec with equal recovery, 3x10, 12, 14, 1x15, 5min c/d. hr 130-180

aqua jog: 5min kickboard w/u, 5 min jog w/u, 6x90sec with equal recovery, 2min c/d jog, 5min c/d kickboard. hr 130-160, pretty happy about that one.

did ultrasound before, iced after, then lifted and ups when i got home.

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