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I haven't run in a minute!

December 19, 2014 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: Cool, 40s, clear skies, muddy

Thought I'd recorded my last endeavor in running in Redlands up to the race, but I guess I didn't, which is a bit of a disappointment. I'll do better this time. Been working a lot of hours and now that I've hired on another brewer I finally have time to run again! (Though the whole last month I've been using it to just be lazy which has its perks too).

The Flagstaff area is a whole lot better for running than Redlands ever was, so I'm pretty pumped to have a serious group to train with (thinking of jumping on that bandwagon some time in March, in the mean time just staying in the Williams area and trying to get back into it). Have a couple awesome races that are right up my alley in the Spring/early summer, then there's a "Summer Race Series" and then my big goal for next year is to compete in the Xterra trail running tour, 6 races over about 6 months, winner gets a free ticket to the Xterra Nationals trail race, and I really think I can do it.

There, goal is on paper now, at the very least the North Koreans know about it now.

First run back, I've lived at over 6000' for over two years now, but running in it is still a totally different ball game, especially when you're just starting to get into shape. Did the City trail and looped it back on the unmarked trail. Hurt a lot on the way out, feel a lot better now that I'm back, haha. Felt like a lot more than 140' of climbing in that first mile, I guess with finishing at 7000 that'll happen. Maybe a little while before I work any real hills. Mi est. for shoe purposes.

ups later after I was warm and could breathe again.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
2.0 Miles 16:20 8:09 / Mile Easy Mizuno Wave Rider Williams