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Day 7

December 24, 2014 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 4, overcast, but warmer than the last two days

Forgot my watch, I should probably do this more often just to make sure I'm not racing myself too much on easy days.

Same City loop as earlier in the week. Don't intend to run 7 days a week, esp in start up, but I knew the next two days would be a wash and I didn't want three in a row (that'd totally kill any momentum I'm building). Felt good, right hammy still a little tight, not as bad as the past few days though, right ankle also a little stiff, may have rolled it a bit yesterday without noticing, not bad though.

Ups after. Then a shower and nap because I have to drive all night long to get us to California

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
2.0 Miles Easy Mizuno Wave Rider Williams