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Late run

January 5, 2015 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 4pm, still about 50, getting dim

Snow is really melting today, and didn't feel comfortable with the setting sun and no cushion over bad footing, so I kept to the streets... kind of.

Down Sheridan to 4th, up to the road before the dam which is where it started getting mucky, followed the sledders tracks for a bit, then a xc skier's tracks up the road, then no trails and I just followed the telephone lines (which if I remember doesn't really have a road or anything anymore) then followed a deer's tracks for a bit until I was starting to slide down the side of the hill and I turned back. All in all a good run, just not quite the sure footing I had intended. I'll try 6th street tm.

Felt good, kind of nice running on the street to get a feel of going fast again, still like the feeling of soft dirt under foot though.

No ups after, but a good stretch.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
2.4 Miles 22:00 9:09 / Mile Easy Mizuno Wave Rider Williams