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Morning jaunt

January 6, 2015 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 9:15, sunny, chilly

Working later today, so I got my miles in ahead of time. Felt good to get out early and not have to worry about it, but I didn't get out early enough so I still have to find the motivation to do my ups when I get home.

Sheridan to 6th, up to the park, up the dirt road to the turn around at the lake.

Felt good on the roads, except that the snow in the medians is melting, so each intersection I crossed had a sheet of fresh ice going down the middle (really messed my rythmm up on the way home esp). Then I got up to Buckskinner Park hoping the road would be well traveled and better footing and its closed!!! So again I had to deal with postholing through the snow and trying to follow that ever-elusive xc skier's trail (looks like he may know a few extra routes too--may have to check them out before they melt). Hill wasn't bad--most of the climb is on the asphalt, but then hitting the snow after that really slowed me down, other than that a good pace though and my lungs are feeling a lot better.

Ups after I get home from work

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
3.0 Miles 24:00 8:00 / Mile Easy Mizuno Wave Rider Williams