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March 25, 2008 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: Heavy Rain

Very disappointed with my workout tonight. I did 1.5 warmup in about 11 minutes, then 3 miles of tempo, I tried to keep it at 6:00/mile, but I went through the mile in 6:12, the 2 mile in 12:25, and since I forgot my watch and had to use my iPod to time it, somehow it stopped itself at 15:00, but I don't think I fell off pace, so I'm gonna guess my 3 mile time was around 18:40. So I was about 13 seconds per mile slow on that. 1.5 cooldown in around 11 minutes. In my defense the conditions were terrible. Hard rain and stiff wind, plus I ran on a middle school track (dirt) and one end was completely submerged in water. That is still no excuse for running that slow. But it was my first tempo run in a long time, so I'm not gonna beat myself up too much over it. I will do better next week!

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.0 Miles 40:00 6:40 / Mile   Supernova Cushion