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mother of god this summer sucks a fatty

July 7, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Other

Weather: inside

went to trainers, got ultrasound, biked for 45min, did a 3-on-3-off fartlek, kept heart rate between 145 and 175, so i think it was pretty effective, but my right knee was bothering me, and in the last 10min or so my ankle started to hurt from the pressure against the pedals. went for aqua jogging, kickboard warmup wasn't working because it bothered my ankle, so i just did the jog warmup, then 2-on-2-off for 20min, and 5min cooldown. the jogging hurts the knee and ankle too though, so i'm not so sure it's very good as a cross-training tool. basically i'm incredibly discouraged because my running this summer blows balls and i can't get my milage up at all (as of right now i can't even run), and now cross training hurts too, so i'm feeling a little boned. iced after and got some dealy-bob to put in before wrapping ankle.

lifted and then went back home and did ups after.

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