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Hie Majide

July 8, 2008 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Bike

Weather: t-storming, good temp though

short story: 22 miles in 1:45:00 for 4:46 pace. Not logging it as mileage because it counts for weekly totals.

long story: so Kristen H. had talked about cooking dinner for me once I told her my meals consisted of Cheerios for breakfast, PB&J's for lunch, and primarily microwaveable stuff for dinner. That was a complete no go by her standards, so we set today as the day she was going to cook for me. Well, today comes and it's t-storming. But that's not even a big deal. I've figured I've ridden 60 miles home from Cleveland, so 25 there, eat and chill, then 25 back would be no problem. What I didn't account for included about 55 miles of the 60 home was flat. From Case to Chardon is all either going uphill or downhill. Multiplied by the fact that the left shifter on my 21-speed bike broke, leaving it constantly in "1". So I basically had the third of my speeds meant for uphills. This left me pedaling like a madman on flats, and pedaling on downhills was useless. In conclusion, I made it 22 miles before Kristen came in her family's minivan to the rescue because of the weather (I never asked her to come, but I wasn't about to deny the offered ride) and grabbed my bike and me. In about 15 minutes I was warm, dry, and enjoying a great meal of peso penne pasta, garlic bread, watermelon, salad (with her homemade zesty tomato dressing) w/ angel food cake for dessert.

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