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September 4, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: ehh

I'm so excited for this race for two reasons:
1. I PRed by 10 seconds
2. I worked with Sora and she kept me going the whole race

The first mile was kinda shaky for me because I just always feel like that first mile is very long. But I enjoyed starting off in the back and working my way up. Me and Sora passed a ton of people in the first and beginning of the second mile. It was so exciting because I felt like the faster she went, the faster I had to go! I was pumped when we passed like two mountain view girls :) I felt alright in the first mile.

The second mile I still felt a little tired. But I kept telling myself, "This is the last time you'll run this race ever!" So I kept with it. Caldwell has never been one of my favorites haha. Anyways, we continued to work with each other and pass a few extra girls. We almost caught what's her name from Rocky and I think Katie? from mountain view. The second mile was tiring, but exciting.

The third mile I must say was the most fun for me. We passed both the girls from Rocky and Mountain view, and caught up with Kelli a little bit. The finish was amazing! Haha as me and Sora got onto the track I heard her say "Come on Callie, this is your thing!" haha I was a few feet behind her and when she said that I picked up the pace and was right on her heels. At the 150 I started to go faster, only like a hair in front of her. But she had a little more left so she got me by a second but I was so proud to race with her haha. I need a little more endurance I think but I'm sure by the end of the year it will be interesting to see how we compete with one another :) haha it was so fun though. I LOVED running with her! Yay Sora!

With the crazy fast Lila and Becca officially out we are gonna ROCK. We were placed behind Eagle I think? So that's great! I don't know if we beat Rocky though. Oh well, I'm so pumped for Silverwood!

Overall, the race went great.
Haha, but the MHS football game didn't go too well :(
oh well, yay cross-country!

Do we have practice Monday????? AH

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
3.1 Miles 20:11 6:30 / Mile Race