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mohican adventures...

July 12, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: sweeet

Dom, Austin, and I went on a romp through the Mohican trails... the trails felt great and the temp was nice. good negative split out in 42:14 (~7:02), back in 40:46 (~6:49).

Later on, Dom, Brett, Tenley, W, Jake and I decided to float 4 miles down a creek/river back to camp... we ended up floating/swimming/crawling 1.5 miles before barefoot trekking it back to camp. And I guess I was the only one too chicken to swing on a rope and jump off into the creek... it just seems that when I don't make a wise decision, the worst-case-scenario always happens to me, so I tend to avoid such situations.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
12.0 Miles 1:23:00 6:55 / Mile   red Radius