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wow, i feel out of shape

July 16, 2008 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: hot, real hot

late start to the run, so i was in the extreme heat, plus i hadn't really eaten yet, so i was starving and probably a little weak. was a little disapointed by how bad i felt during the hill intervals, but felt like i got something out of it anyways, then i got back and mapped it out and realized that the hill is about as long as the snake loop back home, but only a 60ft elevation gain, which was pretty demoralizing, since the snake loop is over 200ft gain and i could only manage about a minute faster on cedar hill. Oh well, i'll get in shape soon enough. I passed a couple on the hill during my last 3 intervals and then they continued walking up cedar and fairmount and i passed them again on the way back during my cooldown to which they said something along the lines of "you? again? Damn! you run too much"

cedar, overlook, edgehill, cornell, euclid, adelbert, cedar to harcourt x7 (1:57, :06, :04, :02, :56, :54, :48), then cooled down harcourt, np, st. something, fairmount, cedar, bellfield. the worst i've felt on a cooldown in a really long time i was really struggling to keep the feet moving.

no time to lift, but i did get in a modified bear

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
8.8 Miles   Brooks Radius 7