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split tempo

October 12, 2009 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: perfect, 55, no wind (even on lake)

*2mi WU to MLK
*Split Tempo 3mile/3:00rest/2mile/2:00rest/1mile; goal 5:30s, 5:25s, then 5:20
*splits - 5:27, 5:27, 5:30 (16:25); 5:24, 5:27 (10:51); 5:03
*1mi to NRV
*6*200 but only did 2 because playing it safe
*Pushup/dip series
*1mi to Veale, stretch

everybody was running away from me on the first 3 miles, but it turned out alright because we were fast anyways. sucks for ChrisK running the first 3 miles with two untied shoes. Barnes fired us up before the last mile interval. I feel like there's a fundamental miscommunication between Lanese and Barnes on finishing a workout by killing it or not. And then there are as many opinions in the top group of guys on how to finish a workout as there are runners in the top group. I feel like everyone has been running for 5-8 years and knows what they can handle in a workout. So if you're happy finishing today's workout at 5:20, great. If you're happy finishing it sub 5:00, great. As long as we realize that 1) it's OK to not stay packed up *gasp* and do what your body and your brain is telling you on any given workout day, and 2) the workout is allowed to change mid-workout (e.g. 5:20-last-mile or 3:07-last-1000repeat turning into hammer-it-last-mile or hammer-it-last-1000), everything will work out.

anyways, off my soapbox; I pulled out after 2 of the 6 200s because one of my legs was tweaking, but I can't remember which leg it was, and both feel equally fine now, so I guess I did the right thing.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
10.25 Miles 1:04:09
2.0 Miles 15:20 7:39 / Mile Warmup Summon
3.0 Miles 16:25 5:28 / Mile Tempo Summon
2.0 Miles 10:51 5:25 / Mile Tempo Summon
1.0 Miles 5:03 5:03 / Mile Cruise Summon
1.0 Miles 7:40 7:40 / Mile Recovery Summon
0.4 Kilometers 1:10 4:41 / Mile Speed Summon
1.0 Miles 7:40 7:40 / Mile Cooldown Summon