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October 23, 2009 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: rainy

There was good news and bad news at this race.

I'll just start with the bad news.

Worst race for me.
There was no running with heart, no running to compete, it was just like stupid west park and i tried so hard not to be like that.
Basically, i didn't show up.

I was so negative, ugh.
And i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

First mile was pretty fast. It didn't feel terrible at all, just felt like a race. We passed a lot of people, me and sora in 7th and 8th place i think? At least for the first mile in a half when i totally just backed off.

Second mile, dragged on for me.
I got passed a lot.
Ugh. I was telling myself to just GO but i couldn't move anymore. I seriously had nothing to give, and it was really pissing me off. I started running with anger and it wasn't really working so i had like this weird feeling of anger, anxiety, and sadness all at the same time. It just didn't work for me.

Third mile,
UGHHH even worse for me.
My finish was alright, i didn't get passed, except by rocky. ugh and another rocky girl almost passed me, some girl that i'd never seen before and i was reallly pissed off about that. I ran terrible, felt terrible, but somehow managed to finish 15th. No pr, perfectly even with 19:30 (which i ran at bend).
I'm just really frustrated. Two kinda not so good meets in a row, not cool. I've worked hard all season, i even take and extra hour and a half everyday after practice to lift, and now it's not working anymore. State could be the last time i ever run cross-country, depending on if i run in college or not, and it's frustrating that the season has to end like this. I'm not gonna let it happen, but i wanna know what i need to fix.

Good news now,
Sora- congrats. you deserve everything you put on that course last night. breaking 19 is incredible, and i'm so proud of you!

Lila- way to work through a week of sickness, you are a freaken BEAST!!!

Chelsie- my spikes worked and now she beat the girl i wanted her to beat all year from mountain view :)

Becca- SHE PR'ED BETTER THAN FRESHMAN YEAR!! woo she's finally motivated :)

Ashley- I'm soooo proud. You kept up with becca, and had the opportunity to pass her, but the good part is that now that you guys run together, you can work your way up and state and help us with a victory :)

Savannah!! Woo she's our little secret no one knew about! Yay she's so good :)

We made history last night.
We really did, we are the first girls team at meridian high to make it to state since 2002, i believe.
You better believe that's an accomplishment!

Guys team, way to be, too bad you didn't make it as a team.
You guys are all young though, you've got next year to come back blood thirsty, just like i was.

I cried last night, not gonna lie. I cried until i realized that i was being selfish for being so upset with how i raced, and then i realized we made history for the cross-country team by making state. Then, i cried more because i'm so happy that this happened to us. Last night, me and chelsie went to the football game together and we were having such a fun time being retarded and all (not surprising right?) and we started talking about these past couple of years. It's been so weird just being okay, then BAM being noticed by other schools, and becoming a threat. She was like "i know i'm gonna cry at state becasue i know it's the first and last time" and that's so sad. But i'm glad it happened our senior year. We do deserve it.

Good job to ALL the jv runners.
Way to work!!
I heard there were some MAJOR pr's and i am SO proud of all of you.
I think this team will be great the next years to come, but i'm sad i'm leaving.
I'm sure you're all happy i'm leaving haha (jk?)

I love you guys!

Let's beast it out at state, it'll be a great time :)

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
3.1 Miles 19:30 6:17 / Mile Race