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May 11, 2018 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Bike

For those curious about the title, a couple of us reconfigured the class of 2018 "It's L18" red solo cups at the GDS fence in honor of our fanstastic assistant coach Jason.

Did a lap around the block, biked (finally took the time to dismantle the two half-broken stationary bikes and reassemble them into one fully working bike and one really messed up one), and then stretched and went to a wonderful team meeting with some wonderful speeches.

Evan won the MAC in the discus with a throw of 132 today, so that was insane.

I know I haven't logged in a while--and I really haven't felt a need to--but I wanted to get back on and maybe pick up the habit going into the summer as these final meets loom so close ahead.

Trying not to think too much about this race, but here are two things I'm going to make sure I do: smile and be present. If I can be relaxed, I will run well. That feels far too narcissistic going into such a joint endeavor, but I also don't want to feel preach-y by substituting the "I" with "we" and telling the team to be relaxed. I guess I just did both, so oh well.

Kind of overcome by the journey from three years ago to now. So much has changed but so much also hasn't. It's comforting to know that I've been afforded the opportunity to grow in such a stable environment. Maybe on Saturday I can show my gratitude on the track.

Very excited,

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