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Don't tell ME to put a shirt on . . .

July 24, 2008 (Night)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: absolutely perfect, there has never been better weather for a run in the history of mankind

started out feeling not so great, just really tired from yesterday's run and standing at work all day, then a bicyclist passed me going just faster than me and i couldn't help myself from picking up the pace a little bit. from there i learned that the evening crowd are way bigger assholes to runners than the morning crowd. two guys yelled at me to put a shirt on, the first i didn't really care, the second got a string of expletives that i will refrain from putting down in words here, but suffice to say, his face was absolutely priceless and made the next couple miles go by much faster as i mused on the incident. The run actually ended up being amazingly great, it's got to be the taquitos for dinner last night, those things have some kind of magical powers, i know it.

normal 8.4 out and back

ups after, and more taquitos. mmmmm

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
8.4 Miles 52:30 6:14 / Mile   Brooks Glycerin 6