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Making banana pancakes

July 27, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: sunny, warm, dry

woke up with sore arms, then i remembered it was from the boxing, went for the run and tried to forget about the fact that i was running for as long as possible, only made it to lee. went all the way up to richmond and started feeling really good, almost went out more, but it's a good thing i didn't, because i died pretty bad towards the end. around 5 miles or so i felt franz hit me in the stomach harder than vaughn ever did last night, but it didn't effect the run too bad.

np, sp, shaker, along the tracks to the path and up to richmond, then after i got back i added on because i didn't think i had a full 12 in, but i guess i was just running faster than i thought.

many thanks to the xcfh fam for an amazing day, starting with wine bowling, to boxing to sleeping to running to family brunch to a day of attempting (poorly) to climb boulders and driving golf balls for the first time, and now cooking up the fattest steak of all time, it's going to be quite a cap to a sweet day.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
12.4 Miles 1:20:00 6:27 / Mile   Brooks Radius 7