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The Awesomeness of the 42K Relay

July 26, 2008 (Night)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: Hot then Pleasant

I ran a marathon relay with Ian, Sue, and Rachel. We kicked some serious butt. For the first time that I've seen, co-ed teams took the top three spots. I ran an 11:35 2.2 mile, and then 10:32 and 10:24 for the next two 2-mile legs. We finished just under 2:30. All of us ran awesome. I was so proud of my team. We got beaten by a bunch of ex-DI runners and pro/semi-pro runners. Am I disappointed that Jordan Fife handed my butt to me in a 2.2 mile leg? Not really. This was awesome! Oh, yeah. This summer is going great.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
9.0 Miles   Mizuno Precision 7