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average won't cut it

January 23, 2010 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: indoor; nice outside

WU 2.5, 4*100strides

9:15 3k; splits - 3:02, 4:54, 6:09(3:07), 9:15(3:06)
first 10 200s 36.x-37.5, 35.0, last 4 200s ~38.x.

CD 1 mile before the mile, then 4 miles to Coventry and back, then 2.4 miles to Clarke Tower and back.

w/ EthanT, CWade, and a Walsh GA for 2k, I attempted to follow him when he opened up the last kilometer, obviously failed. Ethan, Chris, and I strung out over the last kilometer but all ended up finishing within a second of each other. capable of 9:10 today, but tactics took priority, so an average day. average won't cut it next week

next week: Sunday long run and longer TuTh runs will let me single next friday but still get close to 85.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
11.7 Miles 1:23:15
2.44 Miles 18:00 7:22 / Mile Warmup Launch
3.0 Kilometers 9:15 4:57 / Mile Race Dirtdogs
7.4 Miles 56:00 7:34 / Mile Cooldown Launch