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Race Reflection/Saturday slow run

March 20, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: WINDYY

Race Reflection!
I decided to do a race reflection because I miss them haha.

First of all I am very proud of how we did! We have a great group of distance runners and relays that I think could be pretty good :)

I ran the 4x200 not having any idea what i was really doing but it was really fun. It didn't feel like I was even going that fast haha but yeah it was kind of my warm up...

Then I ran my 800 and I don't know why I was kinda bummed afterwards. I think it was cause for some reason before the race I wasn't nervous or pumped up or anything. I got out really fast...maybe too fast. I've noticed there's two different types of getting out fast: smart fast and stupid fast and I think I was borderline haha. It was good though. I think i kinda screwed myself over the first 200 but after that I just ran. I just told myself to finish with a good time and I finished with a time that I ended with at state last year :) 2:22. I still want to run another 2:19 though and it's making me realllly anxious! Not the funnest race, but now that I think about all the factors that weighed in like the weather, our hard work-outs, hills only two days before, i'm feeling good about it. I'm super tired this week. I also felt pretty flat during the race. Bleh.

haha and...the 4x4 was fun. I thought i ran fast but i guess my time didn't agree with me haha.
I think we could make a good 4x4 :)

Good job to everyone though! I thought it was cool watching some of our sprinters because I think we have a strong group of guy sprinters!

I'm sooo excited to get this season going :)
Good start :)

I also went on a run today and I felt terrible. But when I went on apparently I ran 7.85 miles in an hour but I KNOW that is wrong because I had a terrible sideache and my calves were a little sore haha. Who knows though.

Yay track :D

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
8.35 Miles 1:02:22
7.85 Miles 1:00:00 7:38 / Mile Long  
800.0 Meters 2:22 4:45 / Mile Race