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March 26, 2010 (Afternoon)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: sunny, cool, the wind was kind of cold though

felt really good for this run, my right stabilizer muscles on the outside of my shin have been bothering me since i rolled my ankle yesterday, but it's fine for running. warmed up past covered bridge to everett connector trailhead, then tempoed from riding run trail head up to where it turns downhill at everett road again. felt pretty strong throughout, and the uphill part was considerably faster than the last time i did it, i guess i'm starting to get into better shape already.

took the downhills easy, pushed all the rest of the uphills, though i had to pause at each creek crossing to find a good spot to navigate. all of that carefulness was wasted once i got to the top of the ridge on perkin's run though, because the entire thing had about 3-5 in of standing water, so i decided to just push that section and get it over with too, wasn't going considerably fast, but i noticed that i was recovering pretty quickly.

I'm pretty happy with my fitness right now, considering taking pretty much all of the winter off. AND, i'm still feeling the motivation to practice hard, which is great!

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
6.0 Miles   Mizuno Wave Rider 12 Fire