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Boise Relays

April 24, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: windy

The highlight of the entire meet for me was the 4x400! Yeah!

We got a 13 second PR! And I felt relaxed and fast for once :) I'm kind of anxious to see what I can run in the 400 open. I realized I do better when I'm relaxed. I run a lot smoother.

The steeple was so fun to watch! Sora won yay :) That was really fun to watch, and it made me reallllyy want to try it. Hopefully next week!

The DMR was interesting....
Starting off in the 1200 was so weird, not gonna lie. I had no idea how to run it, so I let the girls in front of me do all the work and I worked on finishing fast and strong. I caught a lot of ground on the finish, and that was exciting. Sora's 800 looked a little painful haha, but she fought through it and had a good finish. Becca is just a beast, and Lila almost caught Boise! I think it just felt weird, it was an odd distance to run hard in.

Better week, I feel motivated now.
I think our 4x400 could make state :D