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May 1, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Warmed up to the SHS track, but there was a soccer game so coach and i drove to the middle school. that track is a lot crappier than i remember. anyway, we weren't sure on the markings, but i did 4x700 with 400 at 75 then hard pace change for the last 300. i was tired and sluggish and the first two were rough, but i think i warmed up a bit through the workout and so the last two went better. then we did two 300's hard--supposed to be like finishing a race--but after finishing each i got a deep breath before turning around to run a hard 100.
this was a hard workout and i was pretty exhausted afterward, though that might have something to do with getting 1.5 hrs of sleep thursday night. either way this is good. i' glad i got to feeling totally exhausted, and some practice at that fast pace change.
700's (first 400):
2:11 (80)
2:10 (79)
2:09 (76)
2:06 (75)


Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
8.5 Miles 21:24
2.4 Miles Warmup Asics GT 2140 - Green
2.0 Miles Interval Asics GT 2140 - Green
1.5 Miles Recovery Asics GT 2140 - Green
2.6 Miles 21:24 8:13 / Mile Cooldown Asics GT 2140 - Green