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Dig Deep

May 14, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: perfect

I'm so psyched about my time! The race went almost perfect! I beat the school record, and almost held Hillary at the end. I think her beating me gives me tons more motivation for state next week.

The only goal I've had in mind since the season ended last year was to win state. I'm close. I'm scared but I'm ready!

The race went absolutely smooth. It was better than my indoor race a while back! But I still feel like I've got one more great 800 in me before I leave high school. I want to do it for the sake of Meridian High, since a lot of people don't think highly of us haha but I also want to do it because I've worked my butt off a ton and haven't stopped thinking about it since the last season ended haha. I'm so excited, but I'm soooo nervous.

I told Rusty about a movie I watched about Prefontaine when we were cooling down and, even though I don't really like Pre that much, there was this part where they showed him as a kid jumping off a bridge into the water haha and it made me think about me walking across the bridge by the canal at our school and how I'm so afraid of it. The only thing I thought about when we were lining up to race was the scene of him jumping off the bridge, and I did just that! I jumped off the bridge and took a risk going out super fast and smooth! So...haha my goal this week is to take a risk and not be afraid of walking across that stupid bridge thing by the canal! Haha, sorry kinda random, but yeah.

So, I guess in conclusion I'm ready for this. I'm right where I need to be. Let Meridian's talent let loose. Lila after the 1600 title, Sora the 3200, me the 800, Becca in the pole vault, and our 4x400. We gotta dig deep :)

It doesn't matter what you do, but you always have to finish strong! Let's do this.

I want this goal soooo bad!

OMG and Chris Martinez is going in the mile!! Yay!
And our 4x400 is going!!!! YES!!!

Okay, I'm done.
Good job everyone :D

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
800.0 Meters 2:16 4:33 / Mile Race