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state and last high school races

May 22, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: ehh

I don't think yesterday was my day. I mean I tried so hard to just think about how much I wanted to win ever since last year's season ended. It just didn't work.

I think one of the great things I found is that on my bad day, I ran 2:18. Not too bad at all for it not being a great race for me. The entire week I stressed and that probably showed a lot in my race.

After my race, I fought back tears because I knew that if I cried or got angry, I would be ending the season terribly. So instead I started walking around and congratulating/talking to people. I never realized how many people I knew from track haha just from indoor and getting to know people and such.

I think to end the season, I didn't need a state champion title. The only thing I needed was to realize that you can't have a great race every single time. In fact, rarely do you ever get a perfect race. I mean, I think I struggled with racing so much this year because I thought I was at the top during indoor season. I was, but when Hillary and Kate beat me at Bandanna it was almost downhill from there for a while. I was amazed that I had worked so hard to just fall off, but it occured to me yesterday that it wasn't that I'm not capable of it, it just is what it is. And racing is so unpredictable, I think. It makes it fun though because you really never know how it's going to go. Haha it's kind of like life in general, you will never know your future or what's going to happen and you just have to accept it.

So I guess I would have to say that I will use this season for motivation next season, where I will need it the most because I will be running for a division 1 college.

Last night after racing, I stayed out all night and I haven't been this happy for a long time. I feel like I've lifted a ton off my shoulders, I'm glad it's over but sad at the same time.

I had a great season. I really did. I had a couple races in there that I think were great. I think my favorite races were my first indoor race, breaking 2:20, Centennial, where I ran my first 1600 ever and did very well, Boise Relays 4x400, where we won our heat and had an 11 second pr, Twilight 400 open with a 61 and doing triple jump, Districts 800, where I felt I showed the most of my talent with a 2:16.64 and new school record, and finally the last race in high school, the 4 by 4, even though I can't stop thinking about dropping that stupid baton, but picking it up and taking the risk to keep competing, and we still medaled!!!

In conclusion,
Life is what it is and I think my season this year really opened my eyes to the reality of racing. Things happen for a reason. Even when things aren't good, you just pick it up and run with it the best you can.

Next stop, Idaho State Bengals.