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North Central

May 21, 2010 (Night)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: 65-70, humid, cool rain... great weather

warmed up alone, raced, ran easy with jen and anna from wartburg, leg hang/relax/lots of texting (no sexting), warm up alone for 8, fuckin sweet 800 race in lane 2-3 for pretty much the whole race, cooled down with two calvin girls whose names i can't remember...
4:35.45 for 1500, felt ok, coach yelling "happiest race ever" before the 3rd lap def. helped, and tried to think about the race "starting" in the last 300 (thanks, elaine)
2:15.78 for 800, felt AMAZING basically the whole way.
i kinda wish i could run again because i feel like i could go faster at both distances... but definitely happy with the day. good way to end things.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
9.7 Miles 1:01:09
2.2 Miles 16:07 7:19 / Mile Warmup Asics GT 2140 - Green
1.0 Miles Race  
2.3 Miles 16:36 7:13 / Mile   Asics GT 2140 - Green
1.1 Miles 8:00 7:16 / Mile   Asics GT 2140 - Green
0.5 Miles Race  
2.6 Miles 20:26 7:51 / Mile Cooldown Asics GT 2140 - Green