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Peaches and iced tea don't mix well

August 31, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: sunny, pretty warm

calves really tight, and i didn't even have spikes in yesterday, so i can't wait 'til calvin! legs took a while to wake up, but eventually i started rolling pretty well (once i got on the bike path, i think that thing has some kind of magical powers). ran with JT$ for the first 5 and we were going a nice easy pace. took some water with around 5 to go, a little too much though, my tummy wasn't feeling so hot for a little while after that. when i was finishing i realized there was no way i was at 17, but my legs were pretty dead and i didn't think pushing it today was a very good idea, so i just finished it up and chugged a bunch of water and then ate a peach that was the size of my head and so sweet it hurt my tongue.

np-->sp-->shaker-->railroad tracks-->bike path-->gates mill rd-->fairmount circle (took a lap around it for good measure, i guess i should have taken several laps, then i could have come out even on milage). out and back.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
16.4 Miles 1:50:30 6:44 / Mile   Mizuno WR11 cool