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September 20, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: RAINY

so today i learned something sorta important. 1- never to eat a semi large breakfast 2 hrs before runnging 2- is that running is was more than physical ability. its is mostly mental. its really surprising what your mind can do for you or against tell yourself that the pain isnt there and it doesnt hurt and then BAM its not there any more. but when you start to dougt yourself and your abilities, everything that you could possibly think about, happens. yo ugat cramps your legs give out you can barely breathe.just by thinking poorly of ones self. hmmmm coaches really do have a method to there madness... POWER THE THE PPT

well anyways on the first mile i could totally tell that with the first step i took, this race was going to be hell.i knew it! that sheries breakfast was not agreeing with me and telling myself that that extra 5 pounds of food totally was not a good idea. instead of telling my self that i could keep it down and i could use that freashly digested energy in my race to keep me going, i took it negativly.
onthe second mile people kept on passing me and passing me and with every girl that passed me, my confindence went lower and lower, leading me to asking why am i even doing this.
on mile three i was just so pissed off and i wanted to cry because when i looked at the clock as i finished, it was more than a minute from what i got last time. that feeling of unaccoplished 3 miles made me want to go crawl in a corner.

but now that i have cooled down and looked back on the race, i can see all the things that i could have changed t make that race so much more enjoyable. Positive thinking. that is all. your mind can do powerful things, use for optimistic, not failure.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
3.2 Miles