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Staying strong to the end

September 20, 2008 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

Weather: wicked cool

So Saturday when I had showed up for the race my plan was to just cheer the team on, since how the doctor recommended I shouldn't run but than I had gotten second thoughts and went home got on my racing uniform and went back to the race. Even though my foot was doing so good I didn't want to miss this race, because one of my main goals this year was to not give up and just keep on going and that to me ment to not miss any of our races. So finnaly the jv does there warm ups and gets up to the starting line. I'm thinking to myself I could still back out the race hasn't started but than I just thought "what am I saying?, I'm going to do this race, even if it means coming in dead last." So they announce on your marks "bang" the gun goes off and the race had begun. about the time we started going around the first portion of the water, dillon and I had starting singing some tunes. haha man we can't sing. So anyways dillon had than stopped singing than started to progress foward I had tried to stay as a team with him but I could not keep my pace with him my foot was getting worse. I kept trying to proggress forward though. during the race my foot had felt like it was on fire so every time there was a puddle I would run through it, becuase the cold water had at least taken the burning feeling away for a few. About the second time around I alomst just wanted to collapse the pain grew stronger. As i reached the hill for that second time I just flew right up it, becuase i just thought that sooner i'm done the sooner i can get off my foot. I get towards the finnish line brady is by my side I soon start to sprint I started telling brady to give it his all sprint sprint sprint.. finally I cross the finnish line and brady was right behind I had seen he gave it his all and thought to myself that even though we are sick or injured in this Meridian xc team we all give it our best. and that day even though I got the worst time in any of the other races I ran. I felt that I gave more effort and heart to this race than any other time I had ran.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
3.1 Miles 22:44:00 7:19:59 / Mile