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"Invitational Mile" a.k.a. mile showdown

December 4, 2010 (Morning)

Exercise Type: Run

WU toward MLK and back. strides, leg swings, light drills.
Mile race @ noon, splits 2:12, 2:18. Kelly 4:29, Carter 4:31.5, Grogan 4:35.
CD w/ Kelly, Grogan, Grese; Veale, second lake lasso, Veale. stretch.

Slow first 100. Passed Mark at either 750m or 950m when Chris started to get away. This was the best I've ever stuck with Chris late race, meaning I could reach out and touch him about 80 meters out, so that's a plus. Locked up and was gapped after that though. Forgot how good the Milers feel, can't wait for Brooks Wire to arrive.

Thought I was capable of 4:25-4:30, so I'm OK with 4:31.5 considering the SOverlook party last night. 9 second "PR" from high school's 4:40, but I'm pretty sure I've been in better shape than 4:40 at some point my collegiate career, like, oh, at Regionals this year. Thought Grogan would be with us but he'll be set by the time we get back from Christmas break.

Knot in my left calf since I woke up this morning, too painful to stick/foam roller. still a dull pain in my chest but it didn't affect the race (I think).

mileage bump to 85, hopefully. we'll see how my 6 finals/final papers Weds-Thurs this coming week goes.

Distance Duration Pace Interval Type Shoes
11.0 Miles 1:17:31
2.3 Miles 17:00 7:23 / Mile Warmup 3Summon 2
1.0 Miles 4:31 4:31 / Mile Race Nike Milers
7.7 Miles 56:00 7:16 / Mile Cooldown 3Summon 2